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Promoting Creativeprenuership in Media & Entertainment Industry

"Networking is not about just connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities." -

Michele Jennae


Who We Are

Cinema4Screen is one of a kind web-portal only for Creativepreneurs  (Definition - A Creativepreneur is an entrepreneur who builds a business around a personal passion, purpose or mission and runs it from creative principles, using tribes, tools and digital teams to expand income and influence) and facilitating the need to connect to fellow Creativepreneurs. C4S help to network, expand their knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about their work. All successful Creativepreneurs recommend networking as a way to gain new clients and to build a sustainable work. We are striving hard to provide a golden opportunity to do just that.​

Cinema 4 Screen Rec

1.Cinema4Screen Rec (C4S REC)

Educate, consult, screen, network, get projects by becoming a C4S Chapter Director. Join several different pioneers from India and aboard and have an enduring effect in your city!

As a Cinema4Screen Rec Chapter (C4S Rec) Director you will host monthly film screening in your city with successful Filmmakers, Ad Filmmakers, Cameramen, Actors, Editors etc. where all creativepreneurs can interact and network. You will host a paid ticketed events which can include food to participants.

Gain influence and have an enduring effect in your city.

Cinema 4 Screen Play

2.Cinema4Screen Play (C4S Play)

Creativity is universal. We want to educate each and every creativepreneurs on Earth and despite the fact that smaller cities probably won't have the option to continue a full month on month screening / networking events, still any city can associate with our system through our Cinema4Screen Play program.

As a Cinema4Screen Play (C4S Play) Director you will host 6+ smaller & free events in your city. No compelling reason to stress over giving high-tea or dinner, these are progressively casual social events.

Cinema 4 Screen Fast Forward

3.Cinema4Screen Fast Forward
(C4S FF)

Still at the college? Anxious to accomplish more with your leisure time? Passionate about opening opputunity doors for you and other creativepreneurs in your college/university?

Join the Cinema4Screen worldwide creativepreneurship network as one of our Cinema4Screen College/University Directors to boost up your resume and gain an unforgettable experience which will create opportunity for you and your college/university.

As a Cinema4Screen Fast Forward (C4S FF) Director you will host free 6+ screening & networking events round the year. Successful Filmmakers, Ad Filmmakers, Cameramen, Actors, Editors etc will educate, guide, inspire you and collegemates, faculty members and all other aspiring creativepreneurs.

Creativepreneur Networking Overview

Cinema4Screen is a global creativepreneur networking community designed to Educate, Screen Films and Connect Creative Professionals or Creativepreneurs. We host monthly education and networking related events featuring successful local filmmakers, producers, advertising, theatre professionals along with educators who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great careers.



Chapter Types Creativepreneurship

There are 3 kinds of Cinema4Screen Chapters; one for Megacities, another for Smaller Cities and one for colleges/universities. Each has its own arrangement of prerequisites, details below.

Not important for the website, skip.

Benefits You Get Becoming a Chapter Director or a Member

Benefits on becoming a chapter director or becoming a cinema4screen member


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