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I Don't Dream At Night, I Dream At Day, I Dream All Day;

I Am Dreaming For A Living - Steven Spielberg

Screen Your Film & Open Mic.


Currently we will be hosting our regular Short Film Open Mic online.

Cinema4Screen is a platform that supports all degrees of filmmaking, from absolute beginners to career professionals. There are more than 1100 filmmakers in our circle and we are highly esteem being receptive and approachable. Our C4S Open Mic which gives filmmakers an outlet to screen for free without experiencing a curation procedure. We also offer a Short Film of the Month series, workshops and classes, organizing networking opportunities, short film production support and sponsor Cinema4Screen Film Festival - run by filmmakers for filmmakers.

Cinema4Screen International Creative Networking Movement is explained by the motto “We Receive, By Giving. In Growing Others,

We Grow”.

So What is a Cinema4Screen Open Mic?

All films are selected on a first-come / first-screened basis. Filmmakers present their work and have the opportunity to talk and discuss their creations with audience and filmmakers alike. Both industry professionals and first-timers bring their shorts making the quality of cinema at each event both diverse and entertaining. Furthermore, with such a wide range of new work being screened, every event is an authentic impression of the present output of the filmmaking community.

Comedians and Musicians have open mics to showcase new talent or new material, so why not filmmakers?


Things Happen.


Thanks for submitting!


• Filmmakers must register in advance.

• One film per filmmaker per Open-Mic.

• All genres accepted.

• A representative from your film must be present at the screening to introduce your film.

• All film under 05 to 15 mins minutes are automatically accepted on a first-come / first screen basis.

• Films with longer running times (15 minutes and beyond) are still considered. Our preference is for films of 05 to 15 mins and under, however we reserve up to two slots for longer short films of high quality.

• Your place at the screening event is not guaranteed until you have sent us a copy of the film, and we have acknowledged receipt of it.

• It may be that we like your film, but cannot fit it into the schedule. If this is the case, we may offer to screen your film at the next screening.

• We may reject your film if it is not in a recognisable file format. Ideally, we would like an MP4.

• Cinema4Screen reserves the right to make the final decision on whether or not to screen any particular film.


Andheri West, Mumbai,


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